15 November 2015

dear you...


dear you

i have plan a lot of thing to do with you but it to late.
sometimes girl doesn't show that she love you but in her heart theres only you.
i keep all the things you give me even doe in other eyes it was a rubbish like a plastik coklat yang orang buang bila makan because it really meaningfull for me :')

now i think i should throw all the things away so i can forget all the day i with you.
you will see my smile but not tears in my heart.
yeahh,i know sometimes i was a little bit weird cause i want you to treat me like a pricess
i dont know it hurt you..im sorry..

i cry thinking of you everynight
sometimes i forget that ALLAH 's love is more than everything
i know he miss my DOA'
im not losing hope in the DOA' that i make
cause i know
i will accept all this thing slowly and back to him insya'Allah

from me



Mizz Aiza said...

jangan sedih-sedih miza.. Allah sentiasa di sisi kita..

Sheila Adziz said...

Allah is everything sis.... apa yg Dia bg ujian kat kita utk kita dekatkan diri lg pdNya... Salam kenal sis, jom join bloglist akak http://www.sheilainspire.com/2015/11/segmen-bloglist-meletop-sheila-inspire.html

Sally Samsaiman said...

be strong! Love isn't everything that you need :)

Aisya Ahamad said...

Alahai nape sedih2 ni. Huhu.